District Office Staff

David Engle
Acting Superintendent 
PH: 360.302.5896 / david_engle@csd49.org
Art Clarke
Finance Operations
PH: 360.302.5895 / art_clarke@csd49.org
Stephanie McCleary
Director of Human Resources
PH: 360.302.5894 / stephanie_mccleary@csd49.org
Traci Meacham
Human Resources Administrative Assistant
PH: 360.302.5891 / traci_meacham@csd49.org
Kathy McGough
Payroll Officer
PH: 360.302.5893 / kathy_mcgough@csd49.org
Theresa Burroughs
District Administrative Assistant & Accounts Payable
PH: 360.302.5892 / theresa_burroughs@csd49.org
Office hours vary due to some of our district staff's need to work from home during COVID times.  Please call or email to schedule an appointment to meet with us.