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    Beginning Monday, November 30th, Chimacum School District will return to an all remote-only learning model. Some students, according to their special needs, will continue with in-person instruction.  School personnel will contact the families of these students to set up a schedule. Students who do not have internet access at home will coordinate with their teacher.

    Cohort A is welcome to attend in person as usual on Monday, November 23rd.  Cohort B only is invited to attend in person on Tuesday, November 24th.  Wednesday, November 25th is considered all remote learning and a half day for students and staff.

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Chimacum School District is one of 65 districts in Washington State selected to pilot a new evaluation tool for teachers and principals. The district has received a regional implementation grant and has been working with the OESD 114 and three other districts to implement the pilot.  Chimacum's TPEP team includes five teachers, one principal, the superintendent and association representatives.  The team is working to develop, pilot and implement teacher and principal evaluation instruments that are aligned with new state standards, highlight best teaching and leadership practices and use a four point rubric. The evaluation tools will support professional growth and promote student achievement. In compliance with legislation, all school districts in Washington State will be required to adopt a new teacher-principal evaluation tool by 2013 that measures eight evaluation criteria:

 Teacher Evaluation Criteria

 Centering instruction on high expectations

  • Demonstrating effective teaching practices
  • Individualizing instruction
  • Subject matter knowledge
  • Fostering a safe, positive learning environment
  • Use student data to modify instruction
  • Communicating with parents and school community
  • Exhibiting collaborative and collegial practices.

 A limited pilot of a new teacher evaluation tool is planned for spring 2011.

 Principal Evaluation Criteria

  • Creating a culture
  • Ensuring school safety
  • Planning with data
  • Aligning curriculum
  • Improving instruction
  • Managing resources
  • Engaging communities
  • Closing the gap

Evaluation Pilot Goal

To create comprehensive, systems-linked evaluation models for both principals and teachers that include a 4-tiered rating system, meets the 8 new criteria, uses student assessment and multiple measures where applicable, and ideally function as tools to help improve teaching and learning.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Superintendent Rick Thompson at (360)302-5894.